Holidays, Costumes, and Formalwear

by 100poundsofchange

There’s few things in life that terrify an overweight person as much as having to dress up in clothing that is not frequently worn. Whether it’s a costume or a tuxedo, not knowing how you’re going to look in a new pair of clothing can be a terrifying experience. As a fat guy it takes a lot of time for me to shop for the right things that don’t bulge in all the wrong places, so when you are forced to go out and fit into a costume, or formalwear it can be a real gamble if you’re going to find something that looks even somewhat decent. Easter was just last weekend and I was looking in my closet for something nicer to wear than my typical t-shirt. Most of my nicer button up shirts no longer fit, and many of my polos are of a slimmer cut. Sadly these are the problems with an ever fluctuating body composition. Luckily I was able to find a single polo that didn’t look too bad on me, and just took the slightest bit of stretching to not show unsightly stomach protrusions.

Shopping for clothing is another ordeal all together. At a certain point you no longer can shop at big chain stores, and outgrow the big and tall sections of the store. You are forced to go to stores who specialize in big and tall clothing. The problem with this is that the prices are so much higher for these clothing stores due to a smaller clientele. An odd flip side to this however is when I remember a time I was shopping in my fitter days for some new jeans, only to find out that my size was sold out. Say what you will, but if you’re on the downslope of the weight bell curve, you have less people to compete for your clothing size. A small victory yes, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

I have also struggled in the past with the decision to throw away older clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Normally I won’t throw away smaller sizes as sort of something to strive for, and help use to measure weight loss. However bigger size clothing is another issue. Do I keep it for the pessimist in me that says history might repeat itself and I’ll gain back all my weight? Or do I attempt to use it as a sort of punishment to force me to spend money on new clothes if I am unable to keep my weight gain in check? In the past I had primarily adopted the former practice by keeping all my old clothing. But 2 year ago I finally threw away all my fat clothes and told myself that it would be a reminder that gaining weight would not only take a toll on my health, but my wallet as well. Unfortunately here I am now, having to worry about having any clothes in the closet I have for formal occasions, and the only 2 pair of shorts I have that I can currently fit into (one of which i’ve had to replace the button on twice due to it breaking).

I suppose the one piece of mind I have is that there is an entire closet full of great clothes just waiting for me to succeed again. If that turns out to happen again, I’ll have to once again make that hard decision to keep or toss my larger clothing. It’s a conversation I’m not only willing to have with myself, but one I’m hopeful of.

Current Weight: 298 Pounds