What am I doing?

by 100poundsofchange

So after my long intro post, the question is what am I doing. Having lived from the perspective of a thin man, and a fat man many times, I have accumulated quite a variety of life experiences. Some experiences were good, others not so much. I am attempting to chronicle the future and reflect on the past of my experiences with changes in my weight. The past few times that I have managed to trim down, I have nothing but memories to look back on the experience. My hope is that by writing this down in a tangible medium, that perhaps the experience and journey can somehow hold a greater meaning to me. Will this be a motivator? Perhaps, but that’s not the primary purpose. It’s easy for me to say “People treat me different when I’m fat” but the truth of the matter is that perception changes when experiences become a memory, we become nastalgic of the good days of high school or college, or that first relationship that we can’t remember why it went wrong. Putting it into words for me will hopefully allow me greater introspective into how my life changes, or quite possibly doesn’t change.

My goal with these posts is to chronicle the loss of 100 pounds over the course of however long it takes to accomplish. I don’t want to have a set post schedule, or even some sort of requirement that I accomplish my goal. If I lose the weight, great, but if nothing else, perhaps I can put my current self into a better perspective for my future self to look back on.

Current Weight: 300 Pounds