by 100poundsofchange

I’m sure I’m not the only overweight person that dreads seating. In junior high I sat on a cafeteria bench and had it snap in half. Perhaps this is the root of my fears of seating while overweight, but it seems like no matter where I go i have to be mindful of the impact my fat frame has on the geometry of seating. Movie seats are usually not the worst, but I hate when I end up taking up more than my fair share of the armrest due to the fact that I can’t squeeze my arms closer to myself. The same goes for airline seats as movie seats, with the added discomfort of being so cramped, that I usually have to keep my arms crossed in front of me so as not to inconvenience the person next to me. I remember being thin in an airline seat, having plenty of room on either side of me, it’s a whole new world of airline travel. Sadly even some restaurants have booths that simply aren’t engineered to allow a larger than normal gut. This unfortunately necessitates either gut spilling on the table a little bit, or an act of super human partial breath holding.

The one thing I’ll say however about all of these unfortunate seating circumstances, the people around me are extremely understanding as far as they act in front of me. I’m sure after the flight when someone asks how it was, they’ll let loose the feelings of discomfort being sat next to the fat guy (yeah we know you think that). I am extremely appreciative of this, and we know that we inconvenience you, we just are not always willing to forego some of the aspects of life simply due to our current weight. Sorry.

Current Weight: 293 Pounds