Everything seems to revolve around food

by 100poundsofchange

It seems that whenever you’re dieting you start to notice that so much of your week seems to revolve around food. Even if you manage to adopt the mantra of Eat to Live instead of Live to Eat, you’re still frequently put into situations where willpower can be tested. This week for instance I saw a movie where I managed to abstain from popcorn or candy, and a lunch invite with coworkers today that I passed up to eat the healthier lunch I brought, but the rest of the week just simply doesn’t look so promising. Tomorrow i’m supposed to go out for a weekly bout of “Wingsday”, and Thursday is likely a meet up at a bar. Heck Cinco de Mayo i was eating nachos with friends and drinking margaritas. It seems like no matter where I turn, events revolve around food. It’s easy to see how many people can lose control of their weight when so much of our cultural social events involve eating. Heck my friend even asked if i wanted to grab a quick bite before the movie. 

It’s hard to have the willpower to simply eat better on your own, but being constantly having opportunities put in front of you…. It’s a nightmare sometimes. Imagine being an alcoholic and constantly having people invite you out to bars. Oh well, nothing that’s worth it comes easy.

Current Weight: 294 Pounds