Closet full of clothes

by 100poundsofchange

It’s funny how there are 2 times when your closet can be full of clothes and yet you wear a small portion of them (I guess there could be more times but in my case these are the 2 biggies). The first is when you’ve had to keep buying clothes to keep up with your increasing waistline. You try to buy as few pieces of clothing as you can because you tell yourself that you’ll lose this extra weight and be able to fit back into your old clothes. I have done this on a few occasions, and it’s a terrifying day when you only have that one pair of jeans (since its warmer out and I normally wear shorts) and the button flies off. I hate having to go back to replace that pair of pants that I told myself wouldn’t be in my wardrobe for very long.

The second time is when you’ve lost a lot of weight and you have all your “fat clothes” still around. They’re too big to wear with a belt lest you look like you’re wearing a potato sack, but a tiny piece of you knows that history tells you that you’re going to gain that weight back. This is a far more favorable situation to be in, and when in a pinch you can wear your fat clothes when it’s laundry day. (If i wore my skinny clothes on laundry day when I was fat, my roommate might be disturbed)

I will say that one of the benefits of having a whole timeline of jeans in graduated sizes is that it’s one more way I can judge my weight loss as time passes. Sadly this often times can be a disturbing reality when you realize initially how many pounds you seem to have to lose in order to drop a pants size. I believe at my weight i’d have to drop 15-20 pounds per pants size, whereas at about 230 pounds or so it’s somewhere between 5-10 pounds. The benefit is an almost accelerated perspective of loss if you use pants sizes to measure. Lets hope this time next year I’ll be suffering from the first of my two examples, instead of the latter as I am now.

Current Weight: 283 Pounds