Hotness quotient

by 100poundsofchange

I got to thinking today about something related to my current journey. For lack of a better term I’m going to refer to it as the Hotness Quotient, or HQ for short. I hypothesize that for any guy that doesn’t have a completely repulsive face (I’m speaking in brutal general terms so as to make my point, I’m fully aware beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is attractive in their own way, blah blah blah), or any other major physical deformities, they can reach a level of HQ that would make them physically attractive to the general population of women. I’m not saying women are superficial, I’m not even saying that the women would all date this guy, personality and other traits play a part here. I’m speaking more directly to that physical level of base level animal attraction that we judge when we see someone we’ve never met.

I’m going to throw some arbitrary and completely non scientific numbers out there and say that a guy with an HQ of 50 is an average joe, not too skinny, not too fat, no defining muscle, no major acne, etc… Below 50 we have beanpole guys at probably a HQ of 40, heavy guys at an HQ of 30, and obese guys around 20 (Below that are guys that have given up on personal grooming or hygene, and just don’t care about their personal health). On the other end of the scale we have a 60 with perhaps a little bit of muscle tone in their arms, but no defined abs, perhaps the tiniest gut that gives them that teddy bear look with strong arms, a 70 has a flat stomach, defined biceps, and no hint of a double chin, a 80 has defined arms, defined chest, an very low body fat, and a 90 is all of what you get with an 80 but with the addition of washboard abs. (100 would require other things like symmetrical face, strong jaw, tight ass, and just low enough body fat not to show any veins)

So having defined these scales I’m wondering at what HQ a guy would have to get to, to attract girls of a the general 1-10 scale that is often given to women purely based on looks. Now i’m not going to go into each rating of a female, but for the sake of argument, lets pose at what HQ a guy would have to be, to almost without fail be considered physically attractive by a girl with an 8 rating or below (above that and you get problems with gold diggers, spoiled girls that bounce from guy to guy, etc…). I honestly don’t know the answer to this question, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-80. A guy with an HQ of 50 can most certainly get an 8 rated girl if he has a good sense of humor, or a great personality, but for the sake of this situation I’m trying to single out first physical impression.

Most guys will never have an HQ of above a 70 if my current observation of the populous is accurate, but for those guys out there with stellar personalities, who are not born with a great HQ and were forced to develop depth of character, if they could one day essentially become extremely desirable simply by increasing their HQ to a 75-80 level. Why did I write this long post? I’m curious what would happen if I managed to actually achieve an HQ of 75 sometime in my life….

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