Illusory setbacks

by 100poundsofchange

When attempting to lose weight, there’s nothing worse than setbacks that hurt the progress you’re making. It extends the amount of time it will take to reach your goals, it picks away at your willpower, and generally puts you in a bad mood. There is another type of setback however. I have deemed this type of setback a “illusory setback”, meaning that it’s not actually a setback, but mimics one. I currently weigh myself daily, and my scale has a wifi connection that uploads my weight and body fat percentage to the web daily, this allows me to keep close track on trends, or when I feel like I’ve not been losing quick enough when i actually have. The drawback to this is nitpicking every day you do or do not lose. I am currently on a diet where it’s practically impossible not to lose fat as long as I stick to it. Today I noticed a small increase in my weight to my dismay. I’m aware that there are water weight fluctuations that happen in the body, and that’s likely the culprit in the small bump, which is why it’s an illusory setback. However typically I still experience 2 of the 3 symptoms of a real setback, it chips a bit at my willpower a bit, and puts me in a bad mood. It’s pretty much impossible to talk myself into just accepting that it’s nothing to be worried about. Unfortunately patience is a virtue that I’ve never been able to really get a handle on.

Current Weight: 282