Little bit of evil in all of us

by 100poundsofchange

One of the biggest changes besides the obvious physical ones that happens to me i’ve noticed when i’m going through weight loss, is the increase in confidence I get that comes with it. This is a natural thing for me, and for almost anyone who goes through major positive change in their life. Whether it’s getting your PHD, or getting a boob job, people find a level of confidence they didn’t know possible. Sometimes this change is almost too positive and those people develop an unhealthy ego and start to treat those around them in a resentful manner. I can personally say that to some extent this can happen to myself. I know that when I’ve lost weight in the past and become more “attractive”, for whatever that term is worth, that my confidence levels go quite high, and I become a bit more of a sarcastic asshole, I tend to flirt with more attractive women, and don’t glance at girls I may have previously considered. I don’t know if this is a justified reaction to life changes, I just tend to know that this is one way in which I naturally tend to change behaviors. The sad part is though that with increases in confidence and physical attraction, people tend to gravitate towards you in greater numbers, people want to hang out with you more. This all becomes positive reinforcement for those negative behaviors. I think this often times is why they say nice guys finish last, or that high quality women are like apples at the top of the tree that men are afraid to climb to get hurt or some BS like that. Being attractive seems to come with some sort of sense of entitlement, undeserved for those who think it’s superficial. But speaking from someone who has had and lost such a status, it can be an addictive high to ride since it usually ends up with more friends, more sex, and continual complements and flirting from the opposite sex, hell people for some reason also seem to respect you more as a person. What an odd society we live in.

Current Weight: 278 Pounds