There ARE some good days

by 100poundsofchange

The last few days have been lackluster in the weight loss department, however I knew that this would be the case, in fact I had braced for the likelihood that I’d be gaining weight. The other day I went to the county fair where I attended a beer festival, and in addition ate some fair food, and then went to the same fair and same beer festival again today. In addition to all this booze and food, yesterday I was at a friend’s house and had a little bit of pizza, as well as more beer, and a few chips. The good news is that after the weekend is all said and done, I pretty much gained no weight. Using certain methods for weight loss seem to slightly change body chemistry and how it reacts to the food you take in. I’m not willing to go as far as to say that it makes an extremely long lasting change, but it might be enough to get through the occasional poor food weekend. If this can hold true when I become closer to my ideal weight, it might be a fantastic tool to keep a healthy lifestyle instead of having just treated the journey as a “diet”.

The biggest drawback to the weekend of course is the setback in time to reach my goals, my weight hasn’t changed in nearly a week, which having looked at my week is probably a big plus. Looking forward though I need to keep up the loss or my willpower might be shaken, because in a week or 2 the memories of fair food will be long gone, but the log of my stalled weight loss will remain cemented in my weight loss journals. The other drawback of such an extended break from my usual culinary routine is the danger of falling off the food bandwagon as it were. Tonight however I fixed myself a healthy dinner after having hit the gym to attempt to at least do a little to cushion the blow of the beer and fair food.

Speaking of the fair food; I have started to notice that the choice of foods even while off my eating plan have shifted in a way that will likely help me maintain a healthy lifestyle once I’ve reached my weight goals. This more than anything has been an amazing revelation, and a hopeful beacon that perhaps THIS time around, I might be able to keep off the weight, dare I say it, for good.

Current Weight: 275 Pounds