Can a tiger change it’s stripes?

by 100poundsofchange

I’ve often wondered if when you are met with a person that isn’t attracted to you, if it’s possible to change your look enough to induce a 180 degree turn in the mind of that person to where you suddenly become appealing to them. There are too many cheesy movies to count where the dork or ugly girl undergoes a makeover and is crowned prom queen. Now of course this is a movie cliche, and a bad one at that, but I’m still curious if there isn’t a grain of truth in this idea. I’ve asked enough girls out that “didn’t want to ruin the friendship” who were obviously not attracted to me for one reason or another, but the superficial person in me really believes that it’s not only possible, but quite likely that given enough time at the gym and eating right, these girls might “suddenly realize” that a good guy was there all along. Of course this leads to the conclusion that if proven true, this girl was quite superficial. 

 now that all relationships have a superficial component to them, however this takes a darker side when it’s a friend who knows you and your personality and yet the only factor that turns you from friend to potential suitor is your outward appearance. I personally have not had the opportunity to test this from a first hand standpoint, however I have heard at least on one occasion anecdotally that one of my friends fell for an old “friend” suddenly when she claimed “he was never quite this built before”. Keeping in mind this is someone who had been a friend for over 15 years. I’m sorry, this is an example of horrible superficiality, and it only jades my personal point of view on relationships and the true weight people put on looks vs personality. Don’t get me wrong, if someone has the personality of a carp (I assume a carp has a poor personality in this context) I know that their looks won’t maintain the relationship, but it certainly has exponential more “reeling in power” than someone’s personality.

I frequently worry that if in the future at some point I am able to achieve a level of attractiveness deemed above average, that my jaded experiences will shape my behaviors, and essentially cause me to become part of the system that my aforementioned rantings personify. Like so many of my other hypothesis, time will tell.

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