The darker side of online dating

by 100poundsofchange

Recently I have been browsing some online dating sites as I often find myself doing, and as I compose message after message, knowing full well that there is only the tiniest chance that anyone will message me back, I slowly become more jaded towards the opposite sex. The part that is rubbing me the wrong way isn’t the fact that girls don’t message me back, that’s an expected consequence in the world we live in where guys do the asking and women do the choosing, this is something I came to terms with long ago.

The thing that perturbs me most is the fact that women on dating sites have an amazing sense of entitlement. By this I mean that a woman with an attractive rating of approximately a 9 expects the perfectly sculpted, archetype of a male specimen. I do judge this woman, but it is something I have come to expect from someone of that level of attractiveness. The unexpected frustration and quizical nature comes when a woman with a level of 5 attractiveness, also is looking for a male with an almost perfect set of credentials to their name. They expect a tall, athletic, well read, decently employed, humorous, ambitious, male that will provide for them and take them to distant lands. Every woman fails to look at what they bring to the table, and expects prince charming to feel lucky to have gotten a reply to a message on an online dating site. There are many women with great personalities, drive, a sense of wit and such who merrit looking for a man that they can call their equal. However a 29 year old hairdresser with no college degree, and no sign of a gym membership, shouldn’t be expecting a man with opposite credentials to sweep them off their feet.

When it comes right down to it, so many women feel like it’s their right to find a mate up on the scale, as opposed to down from them on the scale. Men tend to be a little more willing to fudge their expectations. This isn’t to say men aren’t abhorrent when it comes to the whole online dating thing either, quite the contrary. Men objectify women and are more likely do disregard personality over looks than women are in my opinion, however on the respective scales, in my mind women tend to expect higher on the scale than men.

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