Unexpected (sort of) changes

by 100poundsofchange

Today my roommate and I decided to grab lunch and a movie, which would make for a typical weekend, however something odd happened. Ever since I returned from vacation I have found myself in a state where I want to be more social, flirt with more women, and overall attempt to better my life into a more interesting entity. Not only did I hit up a friend to see if he could attempt to teach me to surf again, but I attempted to get the number of a waitress. Yep, at lunch I found myself flirting with our waitress, and ended up asking for her number and out to a movie. In the end she declined as she said she had a boyfriend, but the bigger shocker was the fact that I had it in me to so boldly ask in the first place. This woman was also by no means an unattractive girl, in fact I’d give her an 8 on a traditional 1-10 scale. There have been periods of time in my past where I asked another waitress for her number (that one was actually a 10), but that instance it was my birthday and I was drunk. The birthday incident ended up leading to being given the woman’s number, but after two attempted calls and a single text with no responses I took the hint and moved on. The biggest difference in these two events was my self image.

The incident with the hard 10 was at a time where my life was somewhat together, and I had a somewhat healthy body. I was by no means the most physically fit guy around, but I was lightyears closer to where I want to be, than I am today. This gives me hope, hope that I can continue not simply on a quest to flirt more, but to become a more social being, someone people want to be around more. I spoke to a friend recently about a bucket list, and I decided to start one. These things on my list are not simply aspirations for things to do before I die, but also a personal roadmap into what I believe will make me both a more interesting, and more fulfilled person. Perhaps as I move closer to my goal with this blog, I will start another one where I outline my journey to complete things on my bucket list.

Current Weight: 283